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M C Van Dyk & Associates was founded in 1996 and has since gone from strength to strength in establishing a well-organized and solid company whereby we offer superior and personal service to our clients in the collection of their debts, both from large scale institutions as well as from small businesses and individuals who are personally liable for business debt as a result of them signing personal surety on behalf of a business.

We believe that a straightforward, professional, though compassionate, approach to debt collection produces far better debt recovery results than the traditional pugnacious tactics. Persuasive communication and a voice of reason usually produce far better probabilities of success where a debt seems hopeless or destined for lengthy litigation. In determining the real reason for non-payment of your account, our skilled debt collectors are able to apply their intuition and approach the debtor in the most efficient manner, which in turn, will ensure the recovery of your money.

In order to increase your cash flow and minimize bad debt, we exhibit resources, skills and sophisticated systems combined with swift enforcement procedures, with no outlay to our clients.  We believe in regular communication with our clients and through our unsurpassed commitment to service excellence, we build lasting relationships with our clients.  As experts in negotiation, our commercial debt collectors appreciate the fact that customers are not always in a position to pay the full capital amount immediately.  As a result of our commitment, effective service and personal involvement with every case, whether large or small, we pride ourselves in a 85% success rate.







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Van Dyk House, 52 Hennie Alberts Street, Corner Rae Frankel Street,

Brackenhurst, Alberton

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